Carpet tiles, commonly referred to as modular carpet, are a popular flooring choice for offices and other easy settings. A wholesome and cosy interior environment can be created with carpet tiles. It is available in both plain colours that may be used to define break-out sections and patterned tiles that are perfect for usage in high-traffic areas. Using a variety of colours or patterns might help customers find their route or show where to stand in queue at the ticket windows.

Carpet tiles are a fantastic creative tool for any architect or interior designer because of their adaptability. Additionally lightweight, adaptable, and with a backing stabiliser, carpet tiles are simple to handle. The floor can convey a distinct narrative, represent the character of the business, and provide the appearance of a big, cohesive surface. You can experiment with various forms, sizes, and colours. A place can be given fascinating expressions by mixing and matching colours and materials. Try out different combinations of your own to specify locations and focal points. You can set a variety of moods with carpet tiles, whether you want a dramatic, powerful contrast or a subtle appearance. It opens up a brand-new, energising dimension that inspires innovation to reinvent flooring design.


  • Cost-saving 
  • Simple removal 
  • Flexible design
  • Acoustical protection
  • Bacteria-free
  • Installation is simple

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