Technical Specification

Fiber: 100% Avilon Heatset COILER
Construction : Tufted Cut Pile Frieze
Machine Gauge: 1/8″ Plain Saxony
Tuft Density: 138 600 /m2
Pile Thickness : 18 mm
Total Thickness: +- 20 mm
Pile Gross Weight: 2000 gms/sq.m (ca.58 oz/sqyd)
Total Weight: 2900 gms/sq.m (ca.85 oz/sayd)
Backing: Action Back
Roll Width : 3.66 meter (12″)
Primary Backing : Woven Polypropylene
Secondary Method: Action Back
Installation Method: Stretching
Slight color variations may occur from dye lot to dye lot



By utilising colour, patterns, and pile heights, carpeting enhances the décor. Your home or place of business can project the image you choose thanks to the carpeting.


There are literally thousands of ways to carry out a style statement with the hundreds of patterns, cuts, and colours available.


Carpet contributes significantly to the indoor environment’s insulation, which can help reduce energy consumption. Carpet gives the illusion of warmth while insulating floors.


Lie down on a hard floor in front of the fireplace. It feels pleasant, is softer on the feet, and is carpet. The home has a “softer” atmosphere as a result.


According to a number of studies, padding added to carpets improves their capacity to absorb sound.


Hard surface flooring, not carpeted floors, are where slip-and-fall accidents happen the most frequently.


According to the IICRC, carpet typically costs less to buy, clean, and maintain over time than hard surface flooring.


Contaminants such as dust, allergies, and other substances are held in carpet until they can be adequately cleaned.

Easy to keep

Compared to hard surface flooring, carpeting requires less work to clean and maintain, which can result in lower maintenance costs.


New technologies have made it possible to recycle old carpet into new carpet or other products; according to a manufacturer’s study, of 121 million pounds of gathered worn carpet, 85% was recycled into new carpet, obviating the need to purchase raw material

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