Construction : Cut Pile

Yarn : 100% Olefin
Gauge : 1/10
Pile Height : ‡ 8mm
Pile Weight : ‡ 260z.
Primary Backing : Woven P.P
Secondary Backing : Action Back
Width : 3.66 Meter


Appearance :

By utilising colour, patterns, and pile heights, carpeting enhances the décor. Your home or place of business can project the image you choose thanks to the carpeting.

Style :

There are literally thousands of ways to carry out a style statement with the hundreds of patterns, cuts, and colours available.

Insulation :

Carpet contributes significantly to the indoor environment’s insulation, which can help reduce energy consumption. Carpet gives the illusion of warmth while insulating floors.

Feel :

Lie down on a hard floor in front of the fireplace. It feels pleasant, is softer on the feet, and is carpet. The home has a “softer” atmosphere as a result.

Acoustics :

According to a number of studies, padding added to carpets improves their capacity to absorb sound.

Safety :

Hard surface flooring, not carpeted floors, are where slip-and-fall accidents happen the most frequently.

Savings :

According to the IICRC, carpet typically costs less to buy, clean, and maintain over time than hard surface flooring.

Health :

Contaminants such as dust, allergies, and other substances are held in carpet until they can be adequately cleaned.

Easy to keep :

Compared to hard surface flooring, carpeting requires less work to clean and maintain, which can result in lower maintenance costs.

Sustainable :

New technologies have made it possible to recycle old carpet into new carpet or other products; according to a manufacturer’s study, of 121 million pounds of gathered worn carpet, 85% was recycled into new carpet, obviating the need to purchase raw material

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